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Spider-Man lunged towards Falcon, only for the kick to be eased by Barnes, Falcon then controlled Redwing to take Spider-Man outside of the terminal. Falcon used the wings of the EXO-7 Falcon to successfully catch Bucky Barnes, who was clinging to the bottom of the truck, and fly them into a field. He was able to use the wings to fly faster and was able to combat the LAF and Georges Batroc in the air throughout the canyons. Following a perimeter breach at the Avengers Compound, Falcon intercepted Ant-Man when he had infiltrated their facility, as he used his Combat Goggles to see Ant-Man, forcing him into return to his normal size. As Crossbones and his mercenaries had escaped the facility with the biological weapon, Falcon chased them all into the streets of Lagos, before using his Combat Goggles to find them in those crowds. Later, he escaped from the facility in Berlin, and his jetpack was recovered by Sharon Carter, who returned it to him. Days later, a vibranium version of the EXO-7 Falcon was created by the Wakandan Design Group and given to Wilson, who used it when he became Captain America. Since film, like comic books, is a visual medium, then every part of a character’s design is telling a story.

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24 (March 1987), when Parker climbed out of a high story window to change into Spider-Man, but found a black arm coming through the window and grabbing him, again without being warned by his spider-sense. Flying through the civilians, Falcon found one of the mercenaries and slammed into him at full speed, knocking him out, before he learned that Black Widow was in danger, while Falcon sent Redwing to assist her, managing to take the biological weapon to safety as a result. He used the suit to fight the Needle while Romanoff found out their plans. In 2024, the EXO-7 Falcon suit was upgraded and was used by Falcon while performing contract work for the United States Air Force. They refused and the two sides ran at each other, with Falcon tackling War Machine in the air. The kingdom and the Avengers prepared to counter the attack as Falcon and War Machine soared around the battlefield. He used it later during the Clash of the Avengers. The following year, Wilson received a new version when he became an official member of the Avengers. A toddler version of Eddie Brock as Venom was a member of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Venom does NOT get along with his son, and even when the two team up because they share mutual goals, it is a fraught partnership. Created sometime prior to 2014, at least two EXO-7’s were built and deployed in Afghanistan. When Wanda Maximoff and Vision are attacked and cornered by Black Order members Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight at a train station in Edinburgh, Falcon swooped in and manages to kick Midnight away from the two Avengers as Steve Rogers and Black Widow helped him in overpowering them, prompting the Black Order to retreat. In 2014, Steve Rogers and Natasha Romanoff stole one for Wilson to use in order to prevent HYDRA from executing Project Insight, although it was destroyed by Winter Soldier. Shortly after the Avengers’ arrival in Wakanda, the Black Order set foot on the borders of the African nation with their massive horde of Outriders. If you like this heroic costume worn by Chris Hemsworth as Thor in the Avengers sequel, be sure check out more original Asgardian costumes from Thor: The Dark World worn by the likes of ‘Loki’, ‘Lady Sif’, ‘Fandral’, ‘Volstagg’, ‘Odin’, ‘Frigga’ and even ‘Jane Foster’.

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Thor: Ragnarok may just be hitting North American theaters tomorrow, but it doesn’t seem like Chris Hemsworth is going to have the time to kick back and savor the already successful threequel as he is once again back as the God of Thunder filming for the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3 capper. Disney and Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World starring Chris Hemsworth opens on Nov. 8. Fandango also has announced that 3D screenings of the Thor sequel will be preceded by a special extended look at Captain America: Winter Soldier in theaters. Falcon and Winter Soldier then made their way towards the hangar, until Spider-Man followed them. When their team was attacked by the Winter Soldier, Falcon reclaimed his wings and flew down to assist, knocking Winter Soldier off his feet as he attempted to shoot Captain America. However, during the fight, where Falcon then flew above the ground and used his twin guns to try and stop the intruder, Ant-Man was able to shrink down and rewire the wing’s controls, making Falcon lose full control of the EXO-7 Falcon. When Black Widow kicked Sitwell off a rooftop to scare him, Falcon flew down and caught him in mid air, before flying back onto the roof and dropping Sitwell at their feet, causing Sitwell to confess everything he knew about Alexander Pierce’s plans with Arnim Zola and Project Insight.